Varicose Vein Protocol

When I see a patient complaining of varicose veins, after examining them, I personally perform an ultrasound scan during the same visit. This is a mandatory step in order to directly view the deeper veins of the leg, and the culprit veins causing the visible varicose veins. The clinical situation in conjunction with the ultrasonographic appearance of the veins will dictate which of the available treatments are most appropriate to use.

We will then discuss which one specific method is the most suitable to treat the veins effectively, in a manner that suits the specific requirements of the client. These issues may comprise timing and work commitments, specific treatment requests, insurance company constraints or financial details.

All clients will be offered a date for their proposed varicose vein procedure at the end of the consultation.

All treatments are undertaken in the ambulatory setting as day cases under local anaesthesia, and will usually require compression hosiery to be worn for two weeks (but not in every case). I regularly utilize five different procedures to treat the main varicose trunks and source veins, and four to deal with the visible veins themselves: