The Benville Practice deals with all varieties of venous conditions, from tiny branching superficial broken veins, to bulging varicose veins, and even chronic conditions like venous eczema and ulcers. Complex situation such as recurrent varicose veins, even twice or thrice recurrent sometimes, can be successfully treated using these methods as outlined, always under a local anaesthetic and as an ambulatory client. We also regularly see advanced varicose veins complicated with superficial venous thrombosis, or SVT, which is also readily treatable, using a combination of medical, mechanical and surgical methods, again as an ambulatory client.

Wide ranging and diverse treatment modalities are used to treat different types of veins, as governed by the particular condition being treated, and the scan results. These are all available at the Benville Practice, and are summarised in this section

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Left – Greater saphenous reflux before treatment. Right – After endoluminal bioadhesive closure to the greater saphenous vein alone.

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