Modern Endovenous Vein Treatment

All modern minimally invasive treatment modalities are available. We deal with the entire spectrum of varicose veins, from severe surgical problems like ulcers to cosmetic veins, with excellent results

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Fast Service

We provide a rapid service for the treatment of varicose veins and allied problems. As we work only in private healthcare, there is a minimal waiting time, and all clients will be booked for their treatment at their first clinic attendance.

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Ambulatory Vein Procedures

The techniques used are all performed under local anaesthesia, with often just a single puncture required to achieve the entire treatment, and are all walk-in walk-out

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Prompt Vein Treatment
On receiving your referral, you will get an appointment within the week, at one of seven clinics that you prefer, for a clinical assessment and vein scan, and you will leave with a date for your procedure.
Endovenous Procedures
We offer bioadhesive closure, MOCA, endothermal ablation, phlebectomy all under local anaesthesia, ultrasound-foam and micro sclerotherapy, and more
Leg Ulcers
We are very happy to offer a service to those who have developed leg ulceration, from whatever cause. We have healed many ulcers, some of which have persisted for years.
General Surgery
In addition to varicose vein treatment, I also regularly see and deal with clients with arterial conditions, endocrine problems, skin lesions and the entire spectrum of general surgery

The treatment we offer for veins

Varicose veins comprise a spectrum of conditions, ranging from tiny superficial blue or broken or thread veins, to visible bulging varicosities. They can occur from the very top of the leg to the ankle, and all are can be investigated quickly and painlessly by non-invasive ultrasound, and are all treatable under local anaesthesia.

Ultrasound scanning is used in every case, to ensure there is a problem with the veins and to localize the exact source of the veins. If there is a problem, the scan and clinical picture will help decide the optimal treatment modalities appropriate to treat your particular veins.

We offer all modern endovenous treatments, which include ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, microsclerotherapy, endoluminal heat or thermal ablation, mechanochemical ablation (MOCA), and endovenous bioahesive closure. Varicosities can also easily be removed painlessly under local anaesthesia as a day case procedure known as phlebectomy.

Severe or long-standing varicose veins can result in skin changes. These include rashes like ezcema, causing broken weeping itchy skin, leg swelling and oedema, reddened indurated skin, and even ulcers. Sometimes, ulceration is related to several different underlying causes, but dealing with any underlying veins can help the ulcers to heal.

We are based in Dorset and offer all these treatment modalities to day case clients across the Central South, and have many years of experience in dealing with these problems.