Left – A swollen considerably right leg due to large varicose veins arising from greater saphenous vein reflux. Right -The same leg six weeks after Venaseal Bioadhesive closure of the right greater saphenous vein as a solitary procedure.


Outpatient consultations depend on length and complexity, and range from £150-220 for a new client. Follow-up consultations range from £100 to £180.

For BUPA and AXAPPP-insured clients, their permitted fees are adhered to. An additional cost is made for a venous ultrasound scan, if required, again depending on length and complexity, ranging from £100 to £150.

Procedures are billed in accordance with BMI costs which ought to be available through their website. A few of the more frequent procedures are listed below:

  • Unilateral endovenous laser ablation and phlebectomies £2435
  • Vein trunk endoluminal bioadhesive closure alone £3750
  • MOCA alone £2750
  • Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy of multiple branches £700
  • Microsclerotherapy single leg £300 bilateral £550

These all include all follow-up attendances and scans. These prices are correct at the time of writing and may differ at different BMI establishments.

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