Many thanks for letting me know about my blood test following my thyroid surgery, that’s really good to know. Thank you for everything and hope you have a good Christmas. Best wishes Steph.

Steph W

I'm not having any issues. The 'main vein' is completely gone, which I'm thrilled with. The spider veins are a bit paler, but you did warn me not to expect too much so I'm still very happy.

Verity P

Dear Nick, I am writing this with a heartfelt thank you for your kindness and support whilst treating me over the past few months. I was very lucky to have you as my consultant and you really are brilliant in every respect. I would like as small gesture to return your generosity in the form of a gift voucher in the hope that you will come for dinner and I can look after your for a change. We may not be cutting edge but can promise a relaxed evening with delicious food and wine. I know if I had tried to give you this in person you would have protested which is why I have sent it to your home. please do find an occasion to come.


Thank you so much for the excellent care I received from you regarding the huge incisional hernia repair operation you carried out on me a few weeks ago. From the first time I came to see you, following a strangulated hernia, until the final check up last week, I received some of the very best treatment and efficiency. You and your team explained things very perfectly and I cannot thank you enough.

Gemma M

I just wanted to to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for performing the operation on me which has made me well once again. I am so grateful for the knowledge, skill and expertise that you have in your chosen profession and I know there must be many, many others who feel the same way. You have a wonderful way of making people feel at ease, even when things are a bit scary as they were with me.

Zoe A

Just a note to say "Thank you" so much for looking after me, for your kindness and sense of humour! Kindest Regards.

Alison M

Thank you for your kind care and attention. I now have "New Legs!"


Thank you very much for your care and concern towards my father Paul. As you have probably surmised, his heel has made a good recovery.

Rupert S

Just to let you  know i took the stocking of for the first time this morning and veins are looking a lot better. I was not in to much pain afterwards.

Steve H

Following my recent and final appointment with you I’d just like to say how pleased I am. The venaseal procedure I had was definitely the right procedure for me and the final result was amazing. As I said to you in my appointment “it was the best money I have ever spent” so thank you again.

Doug B

The stockings are off! It feels so good. There is a massive improvement visually, my right leg has hardly any visible vein remaining. My left calf has still quite a visible vein. The main difference is I’m pain free and the cramp has stopped at night. I played 27 holes of golf without any pain relief during and after. There was some juicy bruises but they have nearly gone. The area treated on my inner left thigh is still quite sore and swollen. Thank you again for your help and making me feel so much better.

Kev B

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