Dear Mr Lagattolla,

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your fantastic service. I must Emphasise how relieved I was after your quick and accurate diagnosis and referral To The Bournemouth Royal for treatment.

After many fruitless consultations elsewhere I feel that at last the problem is under control thanks to you.

Many, many thanks,

Mrs AS North-West Dorset

Hi Nick 

Thanks for your time yesterday,

Having seen 3 other Arterial surgeons your approach was by far the best in my opinion,

I appreciated the holistic approach and the humour,

Is my understanding correct you will write to my GP with recommendations?

Mr NB Jersey


Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Over the last 2-3 weeks, the leg has recovered well and the ulcer has

nearly disappeared, after 3-4 months of stress with weekly check-ups and nothing was looking like working.

Many thanks for your excellent service

Mr CK East Dorset

Dear Mr Lagattolla,

I am pleased to say that Derek’s ulcer has all but gone - thanks to your treatment

Mr KT South Dorset


Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Last year began with surgery to free my windpipe and upper torso from thyroid tissue that’s been growing for years behind my breastbone.  And ends with the first public performance of a song for my surgeon, without whose skill in steering clear of my vocal chords I would have lost my voice forever. Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Mrs JB West Dorset

Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Thank you for performing such a smooth operation (right thyroid lobectomy). My scar is not visible at all. Youy professionalism, efficiency, warmth, humour was such a welcome change from my previous operations and experiences. Thank you so very much

Mrs DS South Dorset


Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Thank you once again for your patience and the manner and care which you gave to me, regarding treatment for veins, I have been most impressed.

Mr TB North-West Dorset

Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Thank you very much for all your care.  I am very pleased with my vein treatment and grateful and look forward to seeing you in September

Mrs CW North-West Dorset

Dear Mr Lagattolla,

I am so very pleased with the way my legs look now following the treatment I received from you using the new glue technique to get these unsightly veins removed and you have done such a wonderful job.  For the first time in decades I am able to wear a dress without having to wear dark tights to cover the veins, it’s a lovely feeling especially in the summer.  Big, big heartfelt thank you.

Mrs CE North East Dorset


Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Nick thank you very much for an excellent op on Monday. Felt the pain Tues, better Wednesday, minimal pain killers by Thursday. Went out Friday; no pain killers and feeling great today!

Mr S G Central Dorset

Dear Mr Lagattolla,

Thank you so much for your wonderful hernia operation. You are quite the man!

Mrs LC North East Dorset


Dear Mr Lagattolla,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for actually getting me this far and finally achieving a diagnosis. I do feel like I have been battling a bit to find out what is actually wrong with me, so I am incredibly grateful to you for this. Also, your support and advice since has been brilliant.

Should I feel I need to get back in touch with you, I will not hesitate.

Mrs SY East Dorset