I use the American College of Phlebology venous procedure check list during all invasive procedures to ensure that the same protocols are adhered to for all cases, in order to enhance procedural consistency and maximize safety.


Full revalidation: 8th August 2016
Revalidation due date: 7th August 2021
Last appraisal undertaken: 13th June 2018
Next appraisal due date: 12th June 2019


I adhere to the principles of the recent general data protection regulations, and have enrolled onto a program with the professional group ‘GDPR 365’ to assist with this. I have started reviewing data protection on a rolling basis within my practice.


I have maintained an audit of all endovascular procedures I have performed since 2014, though my experience started well before then. I also maintain a constant audit of all vascular ultrasound and venous scans performed, since the same date, and I compare these to any other scans also undertaken on the same clients, and I maintain that audit. I keep a log book of all other procedures performed in addition.

I have undertaken numerous formal audits over the years, more recently ranging from post-operative hernia repair pain management to assessing and presenting the results of my first 50 cases of MOCA. My current audit is an outcome audit on patients’ self-reported outcomes following various endovenous procedures. This will form part of my next appraisal.

Photographic records

Any photographic record taken of any pathology, including varicose veins and allied complaints, is undertaken with clients’ full written and verbal consent. The consent forms and photographs are retained safely, and all photography is anonymized.

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