General and Arterial Surgery

I see all manner of general surgical conditions in my clinics, including:

Arterial insufficiency including claudication of the legs (pain on walking caused by arterial narrowing or blockage), rest pain (constant or nocturnal pain in the foot caused by severe arterial insufficiency), tissue loss, gangrene and arterial ulceration (the ultimate result of the above).

I offer a very prompt outpatient service and will see patients with any hint of arterial disease urgently, and I will refer them immediately for diagnostic scans and interventional treatment, if appropriate, the very same day.

Oedema or leg swelling may be caused by numerous entities, including varicose veins which may be unnoticed, and treatment will therefore be effective. Other causes such as lymphoedema can be positively diagnosed using radio-isotope scans, and effectively treated with compression hosiery.

Hernias of all varieties, inguinal, epigastric, para-umbilical, incisional, spighelian, and any that are recurrent, are all seen and dealt with. In my practice, approximately 85% of all uncomplicated abdominal wall hernias are safely and effectively operated under local anaesthesia as a day case.

I also offer the following procedures and operations: excision of skin lesions and moles, excision of subcutaneous lumps and lipomas, debridement of wounds, surgery for diabetic foot complications, surgery for ingrown toenail, lymph node excision, and many other general procedures.